Looking for Rooms to Rent Birmingham?

As one of the more culturally diverse cities in the UK, Birmingham presents good house sharing opportunities with people of different cultures. It is also a big city so finding rooms to rent isn’t exactly easy, and as with other large cities in the UK, rent is a bit steep.  A house sharing arrangement is perfect if you are a student, broke or just want to live around people. There are several tips you can use in your hunt for good rooms to rent Birmingham.

What do you want?

What kind of renting arrangement are you looking for?  Decide if a double room, apartment, or flat share will suit your lifestyle. Keep in mind that the larger the space you have to yourself, the higher your rent will be.


What part of Birmingham interests you? Getting the perfect location is never easy with considerations being rent levels, the commute and amenities. You can use mapping tools to pick a location that balances these considerations. Check for available rooms in that particular area using rental sites such as sparerroom which has a feature called ‘Where to live wizard.’  It allows you to search for areas by your interests, personality and rent.

Do the search

There are several sites that can take most of the pain out of the search. One of the biggest site listing Rooms to Rent Birmingham is Room Hunters. There are different filters available on these sites that can make your search really easy. Remember the search is not about the rooms only but the roommates too. These sites will have descriptions of the roommates preferred which is a good pointer of the people you will get in the house.

Do a physical visit

Never part with your money before making a visit to the house you find with your online search. There are many conmen and false adverts on these rental websites so it is absolutely important that you do not trust whatever you see without verification.  A visit will also allow you to meet your potential roommates and assess compatibility.

Peruse the tenancy agreement

Ask for a copy of the tenancy agreement before committing to the rooms. Be sure to watch out for hidden costs that would invalidate the low rent. You should get clarification on whether the rent indicated includes costs such as utility bills and the council tax.

Be patient

A search for rooms to rent Birmingham is not exactly easy. Do it patiently and you will get good rooms and compatible roommates.