5 Tips to Becoming a Better Horse Trainer

Horses are magnificent animals that will readily acquire skills when trained properly. Just like a human pupil, a horse’s training largely depends on the skill of the trainer. Sometimes trainers will stick with the wrong way of doing things because that is what they know. These basic tips set the foundation of being a better trainer so that your horses will learn fast and painlessly.

Good preparation

Just like there is a curriculum for human training, you should too develop a training plan. This will enable you to take your horse through the paces in a gradual manner. Do not try to impose new moves and tricks without laying the basics. Good preparation will do half the work.

Have some goals

You should know what you want from the training. Do you want a circus horse or do you want a horse for the racing circuit? Or maybe you just want a horse who can ride really well? You should know what you want from the outset so that you can make your training plan with these objectives in mind. For example when training a horse for long day trips through crowded areas you should ensure that the horse is in condition and has the endurance for these trips. He should also get used to traffic and people. You also ensure that the dressage training is perfect so that he will carry you comfortably and not become grumpy.

Make a bond

Make the horse trust you before you start on any training. You can do this by taking on the grooming tasks of the horse. Take the horse for walks and get close to him as often as you can.

Be in good shape

A horse is a strong animal that will require flexibility and sometimes brute force to bring under control. You will have to work on your flexibility so that you can match the horse’s different movements. Work on your cardiovascular abilities as the horse will give you a good run from time to time.

Be patient

As much as a horse is trainable, he is not human. He will not learn as quickly as you want him to. Be happy with every progress you make. It means that the horse has acquired a new skill you can build on and move to the next, which is good progress.

Let the horse be

You will see a wild and fun side of your horse from time to time. Let him get over these periods of excitement before continuing. If he does not find the training fun he will become grumpy. Let him have fun and you will too.