How to Move Fast and Smoothly Using a Man With a Van Service

If you are moving a few items like a small office across London, it would make more sense to use a man with a van service. This is more economical, faster and involves less paperwork. You can make the move faster and smoother with a bit of preparation. While the van comes with a pair of extra hands for heavy lifting, it still saves time to follow these tips.

Draw up a checklist

The bigger a van you need, the higher you should expect to pay. One way of minimizing on space needed is shedding unwanted load. There is a lot of junk you do not want to take with you, for example, old newspapers. Dump the junk.

Packing boxes

Packing boxes can be old cartons, bags or gunny bags. These can be had at the supermarket, liquor store or bookshop in the locality. The man with a van service can also avail a few for an extra charge.

Start packing early

If the man with van service has to wait for you to pack, this could cost you more, and inconvenience you packing probably with a few items lost or left behind. Packing early gives you time to sort through your stuff and pack it well and in a compact manner. You can start with items that are not in use.

Contact the moving service early

A short notice booking not only costs more but also has lesser time for picking the man with a van service that you would need.  Mismatched timing will also botch up your moving arrangements. It is advisable to reconfirm your booking as well as plan for the van’s packing for easy loading.

Label the boxes

Labelling packing boxes makes loading and unloading easy and organized.  The labelling should be done room by room so that it is easier to unpack at the new office or place. Delicate items and machinery should be labelled as such so that the moving crew can handle them adequately.

Give a notice

Giving notice to the landlords of both premises is basic courtesy and prevents ugly incidents where the security asks questions or asks for clearance before letting items in or out.

Know about the new place

Which is the easiest route to the new office? Does the building have a lift, and is the lift wide enough to allow items in and out? This prior information avoids time wastage and helps to plan for any contingencies.