Your End of Tenancy FAQs Answered

If you are looking for a quick reimbursement of your tenancy deposit, you will have to do proper end of tenancy cleaning job. Failure to do a proper job would result in a dispute by the landlord which delays your deposit.  It is good to know a few things around end of tenancy London cleaning.

What are you required to clean as a tenant?

Cleaning the whole house top to bottom is your responsibility. If you are in a furnished unit, you will need to leave the furniture, carpets, rugs and the upholstery clean. You are also responsible for pest and mould removal. If your unit is a standalone, you will be responsible for cleaning the driveway and patio. The landlord is responsible for cleaning the shared areas like stairways.

Can the landlord force end of tenancy cleaning?

The landlord has the moving in inventory report to compare the state of the house when you moved in and how it is when you are moving out. If proper end of tenancy cleaning is not done, the landlord has a right to dispute and get the job done again. He can also take part of the deposit and use it to take care of the costs of proper cleaning. This will force you to do the cleaning all over.

How is end of tenancy cleaning north london done?

End of tenancy London cleaning services advise doing repairs before starting on the cleaning. This will restore damaged surfaces for better cleaning.  Engaging a professional cleaning service is always advised.  This cleaning must be good enough to pass keen inspection.  The minimum involves:

  • Living room cleaning

This will clean soft and hard furnishing. The rugs, carpets, upholstery and curtains should also be cleaned. Stains on the floor and wall should also be cleaned off.

  • Kitchen cleaning

Food crumbs and grease should be cleaned off the oven and fridge. Grease and other stains should also be cleaned off the wall and floor.

  • Bathroom cleaning

Lime scale and soap scum should be cleaned off the bathroom tiles. Drain holes should be unclogged and cleared. The bathroom mirrors should be cleaned and polished.

  • Bedroom cleaning

The walls and ceiling should be cleared off cobwebs and dust. Carpets, rugs, and curtains should get vacuumed. Bedside cabinets and wardrobes should be cleared off any junk.

  • Hallways, stairs and landings

The sockets and switches on the wall should be cleaned. Marks and stains on the walls by the stairway should be cleaned.

  • Other areas

If there is a veranda and garden, cleaning should remove junk and litter from the area around the house.